Drawing on Carton

What should I do with carton and watercolour pencils? Hmm..


How about draw something.. I mean, someone. A girl with hair braid. OK! I will start from sketch.. For sketch, I use mechanical pencil. It makes my sketch lines looks strong.

IMG_0542 IMG_0543

Next is coloring. I use watercolour pencils.

IMG_0547  IMG_0548

Color and paint it carefully cause the carton is very sensitive but its fast drying :D

And.. here’s my illustration is done :D


All trash is useful here :D. Thank you for visit, anyway.. :)



Shoes upgrade

I l♥ve do anything wearable..

Look what I just made! I just upgraded my old canvas shoes into shiny sparkly look.. I can wear it to party, hangout with friends, concert event, dance floor.. :D




Happy birthday Mr. President

Dear, Mr. President..

Happy birthday my no. 1 leader in Indonesia.. You’re 63 years old now! Wooow!! Here I have a wish for you, sir.. (twit by @cardtopost)


Is this a wish?? Hell yeah!! \m/^.^\m/

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