About This Human


My name is Mad Rina. I am a girl. A Mad girl .. I was born in the city of Medina, K.S.A. I am an Indonesian girl. I like drawing since I was born into this world ;D. I draw a lot of things. Starting from humans, demons, animals, objects and much more..

A little story about drawing. When I was in school, my friends always ask me to draw something for them to display in their bedroom or elsewhere. I once almost unnoticed because of time drawing on the math exam! That was terrible! :O

After I graduated high school, I did not lecture. I work directly. Work is good for me. As a graphic designer at a local garment companies in Kapuk, North Jakarta. After I  resigned October 2012, I joined Aneka Yess! Group in Central Jakarta. After something happened on that company (bankrupt :( ), I worked as a Graphic Designer in a Korean company which is an online shopping/home shopping in South Jakarta. Music is part of my life. I like the guitar and keyboards.

I made this blog I aim to show what’s on my mind, my life, my favorite, everything that is around my life and your life. I really liked the art, challenges, and I want to share to you what I got from my perspective and my thoughts. If you have any criticisms or suggestions please comment. Thank you for visiting my blog :)


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