Let’s Play :)

Hey! Let’s play this game.. Anime Fighting game featuring Naruto! Similar to King of Fighters. One game that I like.

AYO MAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anime Fighting Jam NEW VERSION 2

Click here to play this

Game controls:
Player 1:
A / D – Move.
W – Jump.
S – Squat.
J – Punch.
K – Kick.
U – Dodge.
I – Defend Attack.
O – Power Burst.
L – Special Attack.

Player 2:
Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move.
up Arrow Key – Jump.
Down Arrow Key – Squat.
Numpad 1 – Punch.
Numpad 2 – Kick.
Numpad 4 – Dodge.
Numpad 5 – Defend Attack.
Numpad 6 – Power Burst.
Numpad 3 – Special Attack.

This is King of Fighters!

King of Fighters XS Ultimatum

Click here to play this game

Best and Newest Version of the Classic King of Fighters Series game including Ryu.This game is an extremely large file (7.09 Megabytes), and will take a long while to load. Please be patient.

Game controls:
Select – J
WASD – Move
U – Light Punch
I – Medium Punch
O – Hard Punch
J – Light Kick
K – Medium Kick
L – Hard Kick




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