Help me clean up my city

Too much garbage makes me hard thinking! Ukh! It sucks! Yes, I know people in Jakarta busy. But if they do not have time to dispose of waste properly?

Every time I see trash everywhere, I always wish I had time to clean up the city. And I would love to be there among them who would help me clean, no littering. I even dreamed could be a minister of cleanliness. Haha! :D Ok! That’s enough.

Please note that the causes of flooding in Jakarta also because of the garbage. Trash is strewn everywhere can clog the flow of water (sewer).

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Location : In front of a hotel in Jakarta.. “Oh, no! rubbish! :(  ..”

This is the only one dirty hotel I have ever know.. Hopefully they are aware and willing to clean it.



5 thoughts on “Help me clean up my city

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